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Sticky Balsamic

Sticky Balsamic Pear Vinegar

Sticky Balsamic Pear Vinegar

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Sticky Balsamic Pear is the cheese accompaniment you need in your pantry! Fabulous as a salad or vegetable dressing or use with meat, and gluten free and dairy free to boot!

Size: 250ml

Vegan and Gluten Free


Cheese - Dip your cheese, biscuits, fruit and everything in this spectacular pear balsamic vinegar glaze

Salad - Use Pear caramelised balsamic as a salad dressing on its own to provide that flavour that is second to none. Or add some olive oil as well if you wish

Dessert - Fresh fruit and pear balsamic is a match made in heaven. Simply dip fruit in (such as strawberries) for an incredible taste sensation, or use as a dressing! We love this pear balsamic glaze over ice cream and berries. Delicious!

Meat - Drizzle a little Pear caramelised balsamic vinegar over red meat and the rest of the plate prior to serving. Or baste your meat while cooking with this glorious pear balsamic glaze.

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