Collection: CIRCA

Introducing the new CIRCA...

The Australian home fragrance brand for the modern-day woman.
An artisanal range of simple and uncomplicated home fragrances to elevate your everyday.

At its heart, CIRCA’s purpose has always been about transforming your home. Our uncomplicated scents can warm a room or brighten your mood. Now, with an elegant new look, CIRCA adds even more sophisticated style to your space, featuring the same scents you love and the premium quality you expect.

And you may have noticed our name has changed too. Once Circa Home, the evolved CIRCA brand is about more than just the place where you live. All of our hand crafted products will help elevate your every day, from mood to mindfulness and so much more.

The collection has been refreshed with elegant new-look packaging, to bring an elevated mood to any room in the home. Using only premium ingredients, you can rest easy knowing that as your home is enveloped in your favourite scent, it is also free from parabens and silicones. Plus each candle is created by local Australian artisans and hand-poured with care.

No matter how chaotic your day may be, the ritual of lighting a candle gives you back a moment of peace.

Shoulders drop, breathing slows.