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Vin Bouquet

Spirit Pourer 30ml s/2

Spirit Pourer 30ml s/2

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Keep your cocktails perfectly measured with the Vin Bouquet Measure & Pour Set. This 2-piece stopper/pourer set is an essential for any in-home bar or business to ensure your drinks are always level. Made with food safe plastics the Vin Bouquet Measure & Pour stoppers fit most standard sized bottles and is made with food safe plastics with stainless steel measuring balls that plug the stopper to prevent excess pouring. The Vin Bouquet Measure & Pour Set measures a standard 30ml and is ideal for spirits and liqueurs.

  • 2-piece pourer set
  • Measures exactly 30ml for standard drinks
  • Mix perfect drinks every time
  • Fits standard size liquor bottles
  • Perfect addition to your in-home bar
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