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S/S Sleek Twin Wall Coffee Plunger

S/S Sleek Twin Wall Coffee Plunger

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The Avanti Sleek Twin Wall Coffee Plunger is the ideal vessel for filtering your favourite coffee blend. It is made from the highest quality 18/10 stainless steel and will keep your coffee at the ideal temperature thanks to its ingenious heat-retentive twin wall design. The stainless-steel plunger contains a fine-mesh filter for premium extraction of the coffee bean. The mesh filter delivers the coffee’s aromatic oils and flavours direct to your cup.


  • Finest quality 18/10 Stainless Steel
  • Double wall construction for superior insulation
  • Easy pour, drip free spout
  • High- Polished mirror finish
  • Dishwasher safe 


  • Pre-warm the cafetiere by rinsing with boiling water.
  • Using quality course coffee grounds, pour two level table spoons per cup into the cafetiere.
  • Pour clean fresh water just off the boil into the cafetiere.
  • Stir coffee lightly with a non-metal utensil, then place lid on cafetiere with plunger withdrawn.
  • Leave to brew for approx 4 minutes. This important pause allows time for the grounds to release the essential oils and essences which produce the full flavoured, aromatic delights inherent in fine coffee.
  • Finally, gently depress the plunger until the knob contacts the lid. 
  • Serve within 20 minutes.
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