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Orange Citrus Pop Melt

Orange Citrus Pop Melt

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An abundance of irresistible and vibrant oranges stimulate happiness, heath and positive energy like a sunny day. The delightful fizz of orange citrus pop will evoke summer all year round and put a smile on your face, a dose of health!

Australian made and affordable, these little pieces of scented soy wax have become very popular. There are a huge variety of different melts available: lavender lemongrass, oriental musk, mahogany ylang, mango passionfruit, white peach, cinnamon spice, key lime, smokey woods, nectarine blossom, coconut lime verbena, guava plum, coconut vanilla bean, Thai lemongrass, kiwi waterlily, sweet patchouli, rose peony, lush papaya, caramel vanilla, green tea & thyme and Indian sandalwood.


Elume’s handmade soy wax melts, made with the highest quality soy wax and fragrance will fill your room with an exquisite aroma for continuous hours. Place melt (whole or partial) on top of an oil burner, deep enough to contain the melt after it has liquified. There is no need to add water, but the tealight in your oil burner should be of good quality to enable the melt to liquify. Never leave unattended while in use, keep away from children and pets and do not place the burner on or near flammable surfaces.

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