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Key Lime Mint Melt
Key Lime Mint Melt

Key Lime Mint Melt

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  • Lime zest and spearmint leaf will at first awaken your curiosity before the subtle notes of fresh cucumber, zucchini flower and willow bark balance out this smooth and unique fragrant experience.
  • Elume’s famous soy wax melts emanate a divine throw of fragrance to fill any space. Use as an alternative to oils in and oil burner for a simple and clean fragrant experience. Each melt delivering 30+ hours of fragrance.
  • 40 g each
  • Soy wax melts are a lovely way to enjoy your favourite scents. You’ll experience a slow, enduring aroma release, filling your home with your desired fragrance. Melts are also remarkably easy to use – when you want to increase the smell you’re enjoying, simply add another melt to your warmer