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Chop it! Crush it! Smash it! Mix it! Hackit is any chefs best friend! Chop mince and mushrooms for the perfect Bolognese. Stir up sauces, soup and more! Mash potatoes, avocados or crush biscuits for a cake.

  • Suitable for non-stick cookware
  • Comfortable grip
  • Free standing
  • 6 blades
  • Comfortable round grip
  • Heat resistant to 210C

Hackit is a handy kitchen tool designed for chopping and mashing and is an essential kitchen item cooking lover.

Hackit is a tool for fine mincing. It’s the quickest easiest way to speed up cooking, and bring an end to lumps in mince. It’s also the easiest mincer/masher to clean.

This funky tool will guarantee consistently smooth mince for your favourite spaghetti bolognaise, chilli beef, cottage pies or lasagne. The circular handle on top and 6 strong blades at the bottom will quickly separate mince, mash potatoes or roughly chop biscuits for baking.

With a free standing design, you can display Hackit on the benchtop when not in use.  Hackit is made from durable plastic allowing it to be used in your best non-stick cookware, and then cleaned in the dishwasher. 

Manufactured from food grade reinforced nylon that can withstand heat up to 210*C

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