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Fresh Keeper Silicone Pod - Fruit & Veggie

Fresh Keeper Silicone Pod - Fruit & Veggie

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Cuisena Fresh Keeper Silicone Pod, for storing leftover fruits and veggies

This silicone pod is perfect for storing cut fruits and veggies to keep them fresher for longer. Features a silicone cover that stretches over the contents, and a hard plastic ring to seal the container.

  • Helps cut fruit and veggies stay fresh, firm and odour free
  • 13cm Diameter, 2.5cm High
  • Features a stretchy silicone cover
  • Textured for better grip when opening
  • BPA Free

Vegan and cruelty free. Made in China. Packaged with a recyclable cardboard sleeve.

Cuisena make quality kitchen products to help make food preparation and storage easier. Their products are reusable and help maintain food freshness.

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