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Euroscrubby Scrubby Asst

Euroscrubby Scrubby Asst

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This multi-purpose scrubby is a game changing cleaning cloth.
It’s made from natural cotton with a special coating that helps scrub off dirt and grime from surfaces.
Use the reusable cloth on dishes, pots, bathroom tiles, outdoor furniture, boats and even vegetables.
To clean, scrubby can be washed in the dishwasher or washing machine.
Discover the cleaning power of Euroscrubby and take the hard work out of home cleaning tasks.

Versatile home cooks like you need an equally versatile helper like the Euro Scrubby Euro Scrubbies Universal Cloth for cleaning up all sorts of grime and dirt. Whether you are scrubbing off soil on potatoes, removing spills on the counter, or wiping down the stovetop after all that cooking, this all-around cotton cleaner will be your reliable partner. Clean as you go with the EuroScrubby Universal Cloth and have every nook and cranny ready for another round of cooking.

Note Product is sold separately and comes in various colour combinations. Online orders are selected at random from the assorted options available.

Key Features:

  • Multipurpose and non-toxic cotton cloth ideal for cleaning all types of surfaces without scratching
  • Reusable cleaning cloth that is also easy to wash and clean
  • Safe for cleaning non-stick or stainless steel cookware, wiping glass or ceramic cooktops, or scrubbing dirt out of root vegetables
  • Ideal for smooth bathroom surfaces like porcelain, marble, tile, and glass
  • Perfect for cleaning your furniture, boats, cars, pools, garden tools, and camping gear
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