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Clongs Lite

Clongs Lite

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Clongs Lite are nylon click-lock tongs that sit up off your bench, and open or lock closed with the click of a button. Just like a retractable “clicky” pen, open your Clongs Lite with the push of a click-button, then hold them closed and push the click-button again to lock them closed. Clongs Lite have a clever bend in their handles to sit them up off your kitchen bench, or rest them on the edge of your pan, keeping your countertops clear and clean.

Product Details

  • Length: 26.7cm / 10.5"
    Width: 3.8cm / 1.5"
  • Weight: 0.1kg / 0.22lb
  • Materials: Nylon

Care Instructions

Heat resistant to 250*C/480*F. Dishwasher safe

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