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Avanti S/S Potato Ricer with 3 Blades

Avanti S/S Potato Ricer with 3 Blades

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Create velvety smooth mashed potatoes in an instant with the Avanti Potato Ricer. Versatile, it is also ideal for making gnocchi, tomato sauces, coulis and fruit purees and baby foods. Constructed durable stainless steel it features long handles for maximum leverage and an integrated bowl rest lets you use it directly over pots and mixing bowls. It comes complete with three interchangeable disc blades – fine, medium and course to producing a variety of textures.

    • Durable stainless steel construction
    • 3 interchangeable disc blades Fine – to create the softest pureed food Medium – smooth mashed potato Coarse – for firmer, fibrous vegetables
    • Long handles for maximum leverage
    • Mirrored finish
    • Integrated bowl rest

    USE & CARE

        • 1. Boil or roast potatoes until cooked and soft
        • 2. Raise handle to lift press plate out of hopper
        • 3. Place selected disc blade in hopper
        • 4. Fill hopper with one or two potatoes. (Do not overfill as this was cause excess potato to spill over the sides.)
        • 5. Lower handle moving the press plate into hopper. Using light pressure to push potatoes through the disc blade.
        • 6. Repeat process
        • Hand wash preferred. Wash in warm soapy water and dry thoroughly after use. Never use abrasive cleaners or scourers
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