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Avanti Magforce Magnetic Knife Rack 45cm

Avanti Magforce Magnetic Knife Rack 45cm

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Looking for a convenient way to store your metal household utensils? Then look no further than Avanti® Mag-Force Racks. Each rack incorporates a powerful magnet which securely grips steel articles such as knives, gadgets and tools. Simply attach the rack to the wall nearest your work place and your favourite utensils will always be accessible and close at hand. Ideal for the kitchen, garage or workshop, Avanti® Mag-Force Racks are easy to fit and totally maintenance free. Whilst their magnetic grip is strong enough to ensure a safe and secure hold, it still allows the items being stored to be removed and replaced with ease. What's more, the grip strength is permanent and will remain undiminished long after your present utensil collection has succumbed to wear and tear.

    • Safe and secure storage
    • Optimum accessibility
    • Space saving design

    USE & CARE

    • Place the magnetic utensil rack in the preferred location on the wall and mark the position of the top edge as well as the extremities of each end. Remove the rack and using a spirit level, draw a horizontal pencil line in line with the rack's top edge mark. Align the template provided with the pencil marks on the wall and tape into position. Using an appropriate 6mm diameter bit, drill centrally through each fixing hole marked on the template to a depth of 30mm into the wall. Remove template and tap wall plugs provided into holes. To affix the rack, remove plastic end caps from the faceplate, align the outer edge of each cap with its previously pencilled position, push screw through slot into wall plug and tighten end cap firmly to wall. Place faceplate over the end caps and snap into position
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