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Kattegat Block Set 6pce Walnut
Kattegat Block Set 6pce Walnut

Kattegat Block Set 6pce Walnut

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Introducing the SCANPAN Kattegat 6-Piece Knife Block Set featuring SCANPAN Classic Steel Knives and Walnut Block Inspired by the clear, crisp waters of the sea bounded by the Jutlantic peninsula in Denmark's west , the SCANPAN Kattegat block is made from the finest Walnut. This wood is known for its high density and rich warm colour that has a unique sapwood hue flowing through the grain . It is strong and chip-resistant. The design of the block floats above its stainless steel base and ties back beautifully with the Classic Steel knives it holds.

SCANPAN Steel is a collection of all-over stainless steel knives that look and feel as good as they perform.
Kattegat Walnut consists of the following SCANPAN Classic Steel Knives:
9cm Paring Knife : ideal for peeling with precision
12.5cm Santuko Knife : for those finer cuts!
20cm Chef's Knife : ideal for meat
20cm Bread Knife : effortlessly slice through crusty Danish loaves
20cm Carving Knife : for the largest roast to a delicate Danish pastry
Danish design and modern production technology are combined in this knife series. Each knife has blades sharpened with a new grinding technique for improved and long-lasting performance. The knives are robust and manufactured with optimum weight and balance around the knife shoulder, with an ergonomically-designed handle featuring a rounded back for greater finger comfort.
Why Steel Knives?

  • Tested and rated excellent
  • Optimum and enduring cutting performance
  • Superb weight distribution and balance
  • Made with high quality German knife steel
  • Blade optimally tempered to hardness rating of HRC 56
  • Ergonomic stainless steel handle geometry with rounded design
  • Bolster shaped for improved grip

Use & Care

Cutting on a soft, non-abrasive surface such as a bamboo timber or plastic cutting board will help prevent premature dulling of the blade. Dishwasher safe. We recommend hand-washing and drying thoroughly after use.